“Stoneface” – Memoir of a Dene Leader.

Kakfwi has now published a memoir, “Stoneface”, that leads us through his life, starting with his early memories of family and community life immersed in the seasonal cycle of life in and on the land. The logic and beauty of that existence was then shattered by the inexplicable kidnapping of his generation and the attempted cultural genocide of which the residential school was the chief instrument.

Our Captured Oil and Gas Regulators: Institutional Racism at Work

Recent months provide fresh evidence that despite Canada’s formal support of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), racist decision-making permeates the practices of oil and gas regulators and their political masters.

“Degrowth”: A Revolution by Any Other Name

The political agents of the fossil fuel industry and their media sycophants, have made even the idea of “just transition” unspeakable.

Alberta’s embarrassingly feckless Premier, Danielle Smith, sounds shocked when she states the obvious, that a “just transition” implies the wind-down of the dirty energy sector. Duh! And the federal Liberals play right along, dishonestly pretending otherwise while abandoning the term so as not to offend!

Corporate Colonialism And Our Fragile Democracy

The notion that politics is the art of the possible only holds water when the electorate is truly aware of its potency and agency and acts accordingly. In that case, imagination, not colonized thinking, sets the limit of the possible.

Corporate Colonialism: Some Thoughts

Today’s giant global corporations have annual incomes larger than many countries and they act with almost sovereign entitlement. Their allegiances are not to countries, not even their country of origin, but to their management and shareholders. They are capable of subjugating populations in both North and South, subverting democracy in the process.