Complicity of Silent Leadership

Let’s hope the courage the NDP lacked in the recent election campaign – the courage to critique the disastrous economic record of the UCP, and the Conservatives before them, and to propose a far-sighted alternative for our economy – a vision a majority of Albertans is ready for – will return to its natural home in the social democratic Opposition in the Legislature.

“Degrowth”: A Revolution by Any Other Name

The political agents of the fossil fuel industry and their media sycophants, have made even the idea of “just transition” unspeakable.

Alberta’s embarrassingly feckless Premier, Danielle Smith, sounds shocked when she states the obvious, that a “just transition” implies the wind-down of the dirty energy sector. Duh! And the federal Liberals play right along, dishonestly pretending otherwise while abandoning the term so as not to offend!

Corporate Colonialism And Our Fragile Democracy

The notion that politics is the art of the possible only holds water when the electorate is truly aware of its potency and agency and acts accordingly. In that case, imagination, not colonized thinking, sets the limit of the possible.

Record Oil Sands Profits, Public Subsidies Keep Pace. WTF?

First, remember: The cost of the federal government’s uneconomic, boondoggle, the Transmountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX), is now upwards of $21 billion and rising. TMX didn’t make sense to the private sector for good reason. The Trudeau government ignored the evidence and played the sucker. Canadians now own a money-losing pipeline. TMX is designed to move… Continue reading Record Oil Sands Profits, Public Subsidies Keep Pace. WTF?

CBC’s Colonized Economic Reporting

We have been schooled to accept that the disposition of excess (and unearned) profits – really, public rents transferred to the private sector – is purely a matter for corporate decision-makers. Democracy be damned. Climate emergency be damned. Future generations be damned. This is modern colonialism, folks…….