An APP: Lies, Damned Lies and Satistics

To be a Canadian who lives in Alberta, to use a religious analogy, is a bit like being a non-sectarian believer trapped in a fundamentalist sectarian community. What unites us as Canadians is almost unmentionable, while the sectarian priests prevail, preaching dangerous myths for sectarian purposes. As I read over the UCP’s flyer on its… Continue reading An APP: Lies, Damned Lies and Satistics

“Degrowth”: A Revolution by Any Other Name

The political agents of the fossil fuel industry and their media sycophants, have made even the idea of “just transition” unspeakable.

Alberta’s embarrassingly feckless Premier, Danielle Smith, sounds shocked when she states the obvious, that a “just transition” implies the wind-down of the dirty energy sector. Duh! And the federal Liberals play right along, dishonestly pretending otherwise while abandoning the term so as not to offend!

Record Oil Sands Profits, Public Subsidies Keep Pace. WTF?

First, remember: The cost of the federal government’s uneconomic, boondoggle, the Transmountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX), is now upwards of $21 billion and rising. TMX didn’t make sense to the private sector for good reason. The Trudeau government ignored the evidence and played the sucker. Canadians now own a money-losing pipeline. TMX is designed to move… Continue reading Record Oil Sands Profits, Public Subsidies Keep Pace. WTF?

The Trans Mountain Scandal: Why Aren’t Canadians Angrier?

We trust our corporate colonizers and their political handmaidens and ignore the evidence that might demand we act to assume our democratic responsibilities. If Cecil Rhodes were alive and a Canadian today, he’d be an oil industry CEO or a Bank President.

The NDP/Liberal Deal: An Unfolding Tragedy?

There is much to applaud in the NDP/Liberal “supply-and-confidence agreement”, not least the promise of 3 years of stable government, and perhaps greater certainty of the Liberals actually keeping some of their election promises. Any optimism is, of course, based on the agreement being honoured, and it would be naive in the extreme to think… Continue reading The NDP/Liberal Deal: An Unfolding Tragedy?